Four Cores - Unleashing Innovation Across Industries

Future Exploration/Unveiling the Future Business Opportunities
Solution Guide / Comprehensive Industry Solutions
Matchmaking / Connecting Resources for Value Co-Creation
Inno-Experience / Immersive Exhibition Experiences

Two Major Expos Unite for the First Time!

Mastering AI Technology and Embracing New Opportunities in the Era of General AI!




Embracing the Singularity of AI Technology, Igniting Multiple Universes of New Business Opportunities.
The future of competition extends beyond the current successful business models.
The limitless applications and impacts brought by AI will flourish across industries.

For the first time, Future Commerce and AI Taiwan join forces to create a revolutionary exhibition dedicated to AI. With the theme "AI FOR ALL," we aim to explore the boundless possibilities in the era of General AI. Together, let us seize the new business opportunities and embrace the upcoming wave of growth.

Showcasing Applications in Business Exhibition Area

Ten Major Solution Exhibition Zones

Covering the latest key technologies in both software and hardware, the ten exhibition zones will present the latest solutions. Over the course of three days, these zones will assist you to obtain comprehensive and innovative business solutions.

Four Content Zones x Knowledge Breakdown

We have planned four content exhibition zones: AI, Web3, Solution Guide, and Voice Economy. These zones will break down the key knowledge and analyze the future trends, allowing attendees to understand the uncountable possibilities through interactive experiences.

Six Themes of New Business Applications

We present six major themed exhibition areas that showcase the hottest innovations in collaboration with key curatorial partners. The themes include AI, Web3, ESG, Future Marketing, Future Learning, and Future Retail. Through these immersive experiences, we aim to create a more engaging exhibition experience that allows you to dive into the world of new business trends.

Exhibitor Releases x Solution Experience

Experience the unveiling of new services and be the first to experience cutting-edge technological products. From conceptualized services, product development, to offline experiences, you can witness firsthand the latest innovations and advancements.

Actual Applications x Realistic Experience

Practical Implementation x Tech Mingle

Through the workshop sessions and interactive sharing events, we aim to bridge the gap between innovators and business opportunities. These sessions will address real-world challenges faced by enterprises and provide practical solutions to help them navigate the implementation of new technologies and business models.

AI Exhibition Experience x Matchmaking and Networking

Data exchange, interactive games, and engaging activities await you at the AI exhibition. There will be over 100 business matchmaking, solution-themed matchmaking, and talent matchmaking opportunities. We aim to assist businesses in solving challenges and fostering value co-creation.

Innovation Talent Zone

Discover new talents and explore new business opportunities in this dedicated innovation talent zone. This area serves as a one-stop platform for recruiting fresh talents with new business requirements.

FUTURE COMMERCE 2023 AI TAIWAN focuses on ten key technology topics.
Through trends, experiences, matchmaking, solution integration, and software-hardware co-design, we are here to connect industry applications and realize business opportunities.

We invite you to explore the infinite possibilities of AI in the Future Commerce 2023!