The Most Engaging Network for Startups

Business Next has been building connections with startups through our networking brand "MEET" since 2011. Ranging from interviews, monthly gatherings, workshops and salons, MEET provides a solid social community platform for innovations and startups.

Offline Services


Weekday Luncheon

Sharing and discussing about the innovation application with 2-4 startup teams per week.


Meet Club

5 start-up teams meet up every 3rd Wednesday night of the month. It’s a gathering for sharing innovative experience and seeking partners or cooperation.


Quarterly IoT Salon

Held quarterly, the IoT Salon is a vibrant forum where professionals gather and talk about the topic of in specific industry in depth.

Meet Startup Annual Conference


Meet Startup Annual Conference

For exposure and opportunity.Brilliant experience and viewpoint sharing from successful ones both at home and abroad.

Demo Show


Demo Show

Every November, we selects 30 of the interviewed startup teams to pitch in the Demo Show, where they can capture the attention of angel investors, VCs and company representatives.

Meet Taipei


Meet Taipei

A grand event for Taiwan startup community each year. Combining exhibitions, forums and stage performances, Business Next is devoted to create the biggest carnival of startups in the Asia.

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