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Launched by Business Next Media in 2011, Meet is a leading startup community platform that provides the latest news on the startup scene, industry trends, venture capital funding, and industry events. With the mission of fostering a strong startup ecosystem in Taiwan, Meet supports the next generation of startups by bringing together the entrepreneurship community via its online platform and events, which include Meet Taipei, the largest tech startup trade show in Asia.

What has Meet Global done?

Meet Global is a platform especially for early stage start-ups, connecting opportunities and meeting startups. We have held regular events for startups, potential talents, clients, investors, strategic partners.

Luncheon Interview (3-4 times/week, private)

Meet interview early-stage startups which have innovative business model & new technology application.
How do startups get this opportunity?
Either Meet knocks on their door, or they recommend themselves.
To know more about them and engage them in our community, Meet have interviewed 1000+ startups so far.

Monthly Gathering

To connect startups with talent, investors, and potential business partners, Meet invites 4-6 startup teams, a special guest speaker, and 120-150 audience members to gather on the 3rd Wednesday every month.

So far, Meet has organized 100+ monthly gatherings and welcomed 1200+ attendees in sum.

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Meet Joint Innovation Day

Created in 2020, Meet Joint Innovation Day follows the spirits of Meet IoT Salon and provides a platform for corporate innovation, matchmaking with the disruptive solutions from startups.

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Meet Taipei Startup Festival

One of the largest startup events in Asia

In 2020, Meet Taipei Startup Festival has welcomed 79 speakers, presenting 25+ stage programs, demonstrating the thriving startup ecosystem of Taiwan, the Startup Island. 2020 Meet Taipei has featured 460+ startups, including 100+ from overseas, from 16 countries and 30 cities around the world, and attracted more than 76,000 visitors in 3 days.

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Neo Star Demo show

Since 2011, Meet Neo Star Demo Show has been held every year, featuring Top 30 startups selected from 200 startups interviewed of the year.

Top 30 shining stars will stand on the stage in front of 20 global jury, consisted from CVCs, VCs, angels, and corporates, winning over the chance of funding, acceleration resources and media exposure. So far, Meet has presenting 270+ startups, and 80% of them are growing to the next level.

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