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Geoffrey Prentice  

Skype Co-Founder 共同創辦人
Oriente Holdings Founding Partner經營合夥人

Skype 共同創辦人,曾任策略及亞太暨拉美地區副總裁,扮演 Skype 早期全球營運拓展、合作夥伴建立以及資金募集的最大推手。Geoffrey 2015 年於香港成立 Oriente Holdings 創投基金,以創業者暨創投的雙重身分,持續關注全球新創動態。已投資包含西班牙二手商品交易 App「Wallapop」及大陸線上理財網「Lufax」。Geoffrey 更於 2006 年和 Skype 的多位創辦人共同創立「Atomico」創投公司,投資全球超過 50 家新創公司逾 6 億美金。Geoffrey 參與過的投資案包含著名芬蘭手機遊戲開發公司 Supercell。

Geoffrey co-founded Skype, where he also served as Chief Strategy Officer. At Skype, he worked with a small team to build a leading global telecommunications platform company and oversaw its expansion into Asia and Latin America in addition to driving its initial business plan development and fundraising activities. Geoffrey founded Oriente Holdings Venture Capital in 2015 in Hong Kong and kept his eyes on global startup trends as an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He invested in the Spanish second-hand commodity trading app “Wallapop” and China’s online financial management website “Lufax.” In 2006, Geoffrey co-founded Venture Capital firm “Atomico” with several Skype founders, investing more than $600 million in over 50 startups worldwide. Investments that Geoffrey has participated in include the famous Finnish mobile game development company, Supercell.


田中章雄 / Akio Tanaka

Infinity Venture Partners Co-Founder共同創辦人

田中章雄是Infinity Venture Partners的共同創辦人,Infinity Venture Partners是一間致力於在日本及中國地區針對早期投資的創投機構。他也曾擔任全球知名軟體公司Adobe Systems創投部門總監一職。更早期在Macromedia HQ擔任CEO顧問與Macromedia Japan技術長。田中章雄畢業於英屬哥倫比亞大學碩士學位。

Akio (田中章雄) is a co-founder and managing partner at Infinity Venture Partners, an early stage VC fund focused on consumer Internet companies in China and Japan. He is the former director of the venture investment program at Adobe Systems Inc., a leading global software company. Previously, he held the positions of CEO advisor at Macromedia HQ and CTO at Macromedia Japan. Akio holds a Master's degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada.


Jeffrey Paine

Golden Gate Ventures Founding Partner / 合夥創辦人

Jeffrey Paine是Golden Gate Ventures的合夥創辦人,公司位於新加坡,專門提供早期資金給東南亞的新創科技公司。Jeffrey將「創業家學院」導入新加坡,還負責營運管理並推廣到東南亞與日本。自2010年起,已經有超過70間新創公司陸續畢業於新加坡的「創業家學院」。他曾榮獲2012年創業家學院全球(新加坡)「最具影響力生態體系」總監獎。Jeffrey目前身兼多間公司的投資人與顧問,包括Redmart、、Tradegecko、Coda Payments、Ayannah、PopApp、Waygo 、Noonswoon、Lenddo、旋轉拍賣、Spotnews、、Vibease、PT Bilna、Angellist、、、Darma、雪梨種子基金、中國加速器以及智利創投等。Jeffrey 生長於新加坡,擁有美國南加州大學企業管理(資訊系統)學士學位。

Jeffrey Paine is the founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures, an early stage technology venture capital fund based in Singapore investing in Southeast Asia. Jeff started and manages the Founder Institute in Singapore where he is currently overseeing its expansion in Southeast Asia, and Japan. Since 2010 the Founder Institute in Singapore has graduated over 70 companies. He is a recipient of the Founder Institute Director Award 2012 for "Greatest Ecosystem Impact" Worldwide (Singapore). He is currently an investor/advisor to Redmart,, Tradegecko, Coda Payments, Ayannah, PopApp, Waygo, Noonswoon, Lenddo, Carousell, Spotnews,, Vibease, PT Bilna, Angellist,,, Darma, Sydney Seed Fund, China Axlr8r, and Startup Chile. He is a Singapore native and graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration (Information Systems) from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

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